Jorge Colombo for NRDC Action Fund

Pledge to vote for our environment this November!

Pledge to Vote

I pledge to support environmental champions in the upcoming midterm elections and oppose any candidates who stand with big polluters over their own constituents. I believe that our environment and our future are worth fighting for—and I’ll prove it at the ballot box on Election Day, November 6, 2018.

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There’s Too Much at Stake

Our planet has never needed us more than it will on November 6, 2018. We're facing extreme attacks on our national monuments, our endangered wildlife, our health, and our climate. And we need people like you to get to the polls—and recruit others in key districts—so we can build a movement that will elect a Congress willing to block President Trump’s anti-environment assaults.

Clean Water

Millions of people in cities and small towns across the country have water with lead or other contamination problems flowing from their taps. Instead of cracking down on these violations, the Trump administration has suspended the Clean Water Rule and rolled back other crucial safeguards—putting the health of our children and communities at further risk.

Clean Air

The Trump administration’s moves to roll back the Clean Power Plan and Clean Car Rule will result in more dangerous pollutants spewing into our air from coal plant smokestacks and car and truck tailpipes. Along with exacerbating climate change, these dangerous actions will lead to more asthma, heart attacks, and even premature deaths.

National Monuments

Our cherished monuments, public lands, and offshore waters are essential to our ecosystems, our economy, and our health. They’re home to wildlife and indigenous communities and provide recreation and refuge for all. But Trump and his allies in Congress want to roll back critical protections for these special places and sell out some of our most hallowed lands to fossil fuel companies.

Endangered Species

From the grizzly bear to the beluga whale to the bald eagle, the Endangered Species Act has helped save thousands of wildlife species from extinction. We must stop congressional lawmakers in their attempts to gut this bedrock law. If not, more precious plants and animals will permanently disappear, and important ecosystems will be forever altered.

Climate Change

President Trump has broken America’s promise to the rest of the world by withdrawing our country from the climate-saving Paris Agreement and going back on the promise to dramatically slash climate change pollution. This reckless, shortsighted move destroys our nation’s leadership and is a boon to the fossil fuel industry at the expense of our kids’ futures.

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